Dec 262011

Weather at Bradfield: Beautifully sunny, visibility excellent, light breeze

Environment: Quiet on the Western Front as Everyone is still alseep.

World Report:

IRAQ – The more they change, the more , they stay the same - Sectarian violence and political turmoil in Iraq escalated within days of the United States military’s withdrawal, but officials said in interviews that President Obama had no intention of sending troops back into the country, even if it devolved into civil war.

SINO-JAPAN: Despite unease, money still talks - The Chinese and Japanese governments on Sunday unveiled a broad, innovative package of financial agreements designed to tighten ties between the world’s second- and third-largest economies, moves that could elevate the yuan’s status as an international currency and solve foreign-exchange headaches for Japanese companies doing business in China.

NORTH KOREA: Everyone wants the kimchis but too afraid to ask - (Reuters) – North Korea appears to be making an orderly transition after the death of leader Kim Jong-il last week, but the risk of collapse is higher than before and regional powers need to start discussing that contingency with China, diplomats and analysts say.The problem is China refuses to contemplate any unravelling of North Korea which has nuclear ambitions and is its long-term ally. Beijing has rebuffed such overtures from the United States, Japan and South Korea.

“Secret talks with China to plan for contingencies have long been overdue,” said Douglas Paal, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in a paper this week.

CRICKET: Batting for a nation – Sachin, Sachin, You’re IN, you’re IN for the ton of tons - In the alleyway games played around Delhi’s incessant traffic, on the overworn, dusty, park pitches, there is one man that every child playing cricket in India longs to be: Sachin.Not through his own pretension, but by sheer force of ubiquity, India’s No.4 batsman is known here now by only one name.

And as much as cricket is a team sport – and India wants desperately for its team to win – for many in this country the success or otherwise of India’s tour of Australia will be measured solely by the scores which run from the blade of one man. When, not if, is how Sachin Tendulkar’s impending 100th international century is discussed in India, as if Test hundreds were simply a matter of continuing to turn up.

Other than that, SNAFU – Situation Normal All Fucked Up.  PS: Where is BK? He should get his arse over here for his Dawn Patrol. G’day to all.