Dec 132011

Has anyone told the media 1pm on a Tuesday is not Children’s TV time? When Ch 10 were running raunchy movies against The Mid-day Show did anyone notice the frontal nudity or people saying fuck or worse?

Yawn. Conroy was correct to be fucking angry at the fuckers fucking with definitions they don’t comprehend. Well done Senator Fuck em I say.

Dec 092011
Australian Exceptionalism - Dec 2011

Here is a reworking of Possum Comitatus’s charts from his recent article “Australian Exceptionalism”. It is an A1 sized (!) poster with all the charts, focussing on showing exactly where Australia is placed compared to other OECD economies.

Original Possum article:

PDF Poster:

Australian Exceptionalism – Dec 2011

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Nov 292011

Latest: “OECD said Australia will grow by 4% in 2012 Vs almost recession in Europe & USA” and AAA Sovereign Rating from all Rating Agencies(S&P, Moody’s and Fitch), including Aussie Bonds issued in foreign currencies. Massive confidence in the strength of Australian economy

0. Labor is still the Australian Govt & PM Gillard for another 2 years, 104 weeks, 730 days, 17520 hours, 1,051,200 minutes and 63,072,000 secs and the Gillard Govt has passed 253 bills through HoR so far.And the Labor Govt Parliamentary majority goes from 75-74 to 76-73.
1. Unemployment falls to 5.2% in Sept
2. Inflation 0.3% for Sept Qtr and 3.5% on year and 2.3% on trimmed rate, lower than expectation
3. Public Net Debts 6.1% GDP & Aust Govt deficit is 3.4% of GDP and compares to deficits of over 10 per cent of GDP in the US and UK. Best Fiscal consolidation & spending restraint in the last 20 years
4. RBA Interest rate 4.50%, compared to 6.75% when Howard was voted out.
5. For the whole of the 2010-2011 financial year, the economy grew 1.8 per cent, the ABS said. Despite all the natural disasters during the year
6. AUD Vs USD 0.98
7. Trade Surplus – $2B jun 2011- Australia’s $2 billion-plus trade surplus for June brought the tally for the last financial year to $22.4 billion – easily the biggest surplus in raw terms for the past 40 years of records compiled by the ABS
8. “ALP best manager of money, history shows” – George Megalogenis
9. Australian families depending on one breadwinner pay among the lowest amounts of tax in the world and have become better off under the Gillard Government – Natsem
10. Investment in the next year in mining and related infra-structure projects $140B
11. Labor’s Tax take 21.75% of GDP Vs 25% under Liberals
12. No interest rise for the 11th consecutive month Vs 10 consecutive rises under Howard/Costello. It is now expected no rises in the future with a prospect of 100/125 basis points cut by June 2012. 25 pts cut predicted on Melbourne Cup day.
13. The number of people filling for bankruptcy in Australia has fallen by 16%.
14. Australia safe from debt crisis: OECD
15. Credit Rating AAA
16. We are in Asia
17. business investment spending is expected to grow by 15 per cent this year and another 15 per cent next year. – Ross Gittin
18. Australia in good shape if another crisis hits, says IMF – 8/8/11
19. Australia Stock market has finally decoupled itself from US. On 8/8 ASX up 1.2% as DJ down 6%
20. Capex investment went gangbuster in July and retail up 0.7%
21. NEW Treasury analysis finds Mining played minor role during GFC, it says service industries such as retail – which received a hefty boost from Kevin Rudd’s stimulus package – were crucial in sustaining the economy during its darkest days.
22. Spending survey shows we are better off than we think – YOU would not believe it if you listened to our politicians, but household fuel and power bills eat up no more of our wallets than they did six years ago. And petrol eats up less. he only comprehensive survey of household spending – conducted once every six years by the Bureau of Statistics – finds domestic fuel and power accounted for 2.6 per cent of household spending in 2009-10, 2.6 per cent in 2003-04 and 2.6 per cent two decades earlier in 1988-89.
23. For the whole of the 2010-2011 financial year, the economy grew 1.8 per cent, the ABS said. Despite all the national disasters during the year. And the growth is not all attributed to the Mining sector. Households are not only spending, but saving
24. MASSIVE investment in resources and healthy household spending have delivered the best economic growth in four years and boosted the government’s chances of delivering its promised return to budget surplus.
25. Wayne Swan – Treasurer of the Year 2011
26. Global recovery stalled, says IMF, but Australia well-placed to weather economic turmoil. But the Australian economy has more scope to adjust than most countries, with the ability to slow its return to budget surplus if conditions get worse, and it will be buttressed by the continuing strength in Asia, the fund says.
27. iiNet predicts 27% cost drop on NBN
28. The Wobblebys won Bronze in Rugby WC
29. UNHCR has put its stamp of approval on the Malaysian Solution and dispel all the negative propaganda
30. BHP Billiton $80B Olympic Dam copper/uranium/gold mine in South Australia creating 6000 jobs during a decade-long construction phase, 4000 ongoing jobs at the mine and 15,000 indirect jobs.
31. “The Atlantic magazine named Gillard as one of its “2011 brave thinkers” for her resolute strength in pushing through a carbon tax. “Whether you see the move as politically expedient or as a principled course correction, there’s no denying the risk that it entails in a country where climate change is a wildly contentious issue,” writes Geoffrey Gagnon”
32. RBA again highlights unwinding of fiscal stimulus as an offset to strong private investment.A big tick for govt management of the budget – Stephen Koukoulas
33. The Inspector-General in Bankruptcies’ (IGIB) annual report for 2010/11 showed there were 23,102 new bankruptcies in the year, down 16 per cent from the previous year.It was the lowest number recorded since 2005/06.
34. The Credit Suisse 2011 Global Wealth report, which surveyed the world’s 4.5 billion adults, also revealed that Australia’s median wealth is the highest in the world at US $220,000.
35. Japanese national debt about to top 1 quadrillion yen. That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000. In Aussie dollars that 12,700,000,000,000.
36. AUSTRALIA is second best – almost but not quite the greatest place in which to live, according to the latest United Nations human development index. Norway pips us by a flared nostril. Australia scores 0.93 on a scale of 0 to 1, where 1 is the highest score possible. At 0.94, Norway’s margin over Australia is close to invisible
37.  G 20′s 2nd Highest per capita GDP: Australia, $54,869, behind Singapore, $62,100 UAE $49,600 USA $47,132 Germany $40, 512
38. Another entry to my beautiful set of numbers, Morgan primary no jul/Nov L-NP 52.5, 49, 47, 45 Vs ALP 27.5, 29.5, 31, 34, courtesy of Ari #auspol
39. How good are nations at keeping the promises made at G20 summits? – Australia NO: 1 –
40. The strength of the nation’s markets during the Global Financial Crisis was highlighted by the World Economic Forum, which in 2009 ranked Australia as the world’s second-best financial centre after the UK. Australia was the only country in the top 20 to improve its ranking.With around A$1.7 trillion in assets under management, Australia is the largest funds management market in Asia, and the fourth-largest in the world. Australia has one of the highest levels of managed funds per capita in the world, with total investment fund assets in Australia projected to reach A$7 trillion by 2028.
41. Poss’ beautiful 2PP trend
42. @geeksrulz: 1989: PM Hawke’s Pilot Dispute 1 Month, 1998: PM Howard’s Waterfront Dispute 6 Months, 2011: PM JG fixes #Qantas Dispute in 36 Hours
43. Ave weekly earning +4.7% in yr to Aug. 10 years of real wage gains.
44. Tony Abbott,11/11/11: Australia’s government debt – 8 per cent of GDP compared with 73 per cent in Britain and the US and 100 per cent in Italy”.
45. the size of the public sector in Australia (Federal, State and local government ) as a proportion of the economy has been around 33 percent; in Europe it ranges from 45 percent to 55 percent.

Nov 262011

I have been wondering why the Libs have acted the way they have for the past year. It finally dawned on me. They believe the bullshit being peddled by Abbott.

Bullshit that has only one reason for its excretion, keeping Tony Abbott on the LOTO salary.

They thought the election imminent stuff was true, Abbott had Wilkie in his pocket just waiting to pull the trigger. In the Lodge by May, Sept, Xmas or whenever oh yes Tones.

The realisation that there is no quick fix, that they have to do some policy work and have pissed a year away will also dawn on the thickheads.

Oct 292011

As the Qantas debacle was unfolding, someone on Twitter mentioned a website called Keep Qantas Flying.

Being naturally inquisitive, I checked out the registration details of the site. This is what I found out:

Domain Name:           
Last Modified:                   23-Aug-2011 03:23:58 UTC
Registrar ID:                    Melbourne IT
Registrar Name:                  Melbourne IT
Status:                          ok

Registrant:                      LAWRENCE CREATIVE STRATEGY PTY LTD
Registrant ID:                   ABN 24106211474
Eligibility Type:                Company

Registrant Contact ID:           57025O1386117
Registrant Contact Name:         LAWRENCE CREATIVE STRATEGY PTY LTD
Registrant Contact Email:        Visit for Web based WhoIs

Tech Contact ID:                 57026T1386117
Tech Contact Name:               Andrew Braithwaite
Tech Contact Email:              Visit for Web based WhoIs

Name Server:           
Name Server:           
Name Server:           

[Whois Source:]



Registered on 23/8/11. The people behind it are either clairvoyant, or…….?

And just who the hell is “Lawrence Creative”, the domain name “owners”? Anyone know how to do an ASIC search?

Another point, as many have pointed out on Twitter and Poll Bludger, is that the Qantas board would never have pulled a stunt of this magnitude without getting some SERIOUS legal advice. I find it impossible to believe that all this advice was sought and given over the last 24 hours.

My own belief, based on the above and other pieces of circumstantial evidence, is that this has been planned for months.

This combined with one of the union leaders stated just that on ABC24 (sorry no link at the moment).

Another thought I had about this, is on Monday morning, when trading commences, the Qantas share price is going to go into freefall (sorry, not a good phrase to use in regards to an airline, but WTF).

Will Qantas shareholders take out class action law suit against the board of directors?

Another matter, if this actually has been planned for a while, why wasn’t it mentioned at the Qantas AGM recently? You know, the meeting that awarded Joyce his $2million pay rise. Can ASIC do something about this?

Lots of questions, but as yet, no concrete answers.

Watch this space, as the “Fat lady” is a long way from singing on this issue.

As always on A Frank View, comments are welcome from others, especially from anyone  with further information to add to the picture.


One of my Tweeps (@victoriavoce) has done an ASIC search, and unearthed the following about Lawrence Creative.

The company was previously called:

07 Pty Ltd, and STW Communications Pty Ltd.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t STW one of Channel Nine’s station names?

Then there’s the “07”. Channel Seven connection?

The plot thickens.


It turns out that Lawrence Creative are a PR/marketing firm that previously did campaigns for the Anti-mining tax brigade as well as the campaign for “Kevin ’07”. Now that is interesting. source: Lawrence Creative


From Twitter:

Do a whois domain search for You’ll find Joyce’s Singapore based airline has already been registered. Goodbye #Qantas #auspol

Domain details are as follows:

Domain Name: REDQ.COM
Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 02-aug-2011
Creation Date: 22-jun-2004
Expiration Date: 22-jun-2013

>>> Last update of whois database: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 13:54:16 UTC <<<

[Whois Source:]


RT #qantas staff at head office confirm 5000 redundancy/termination letters printed yesterday….

Oct 292011

I think he works for someone

QANTAS Boss gets 71% payrise to $5 million pa, then locks out the entire workforce. Is this for real?

We have som new bits and pieces. Not everything is 100%. But hey its better than Crikey.